Say what?!?!?!?

Communication starts with how you talk to yourself. It’s the sacred inner dialogue you create and shows how you actually feel about your self image and the way you show up in the world.

Self talk is something most of us don’t pay attention to, ever.

But think about this~you’re with yourself 24 hours a day; 7 days a week; 365 days a year~that’s a boatload of time to be with someone, and who’s voice do you hear most often?


Start to become aware of what you’re saying to or about yourself, both out loud and in your mind. It might be shocking when you realize how you pick yourself apart for the very things that the people who love you, love about you.

Intentional, positive self-talk is the fastest and most effective way to replace the negative “mind chatter” that limits you and makes you feel crappy about yourself. Positive self-talk, aka mantras and affirmations (in the form of short, positive statements), reprograms the way you think about yourself, what you’re capable of, and your current reality. (Remember neuroplasticity). This directly impacts your energy levels and happiness factor. And everyone deserves to be happy.

The very second you say/think something shitty about yourself, stop! Acknowledge the negativity and then reframe it with something more compassionate.

A real life example from me: My neck is so fat, wtf?!?!?

Reframe: My neck looks/feels puffier than usual.

I’m not ignoring or trying to pretend my neck isn’t bothering me. I’m saying it in a kinder way that leaves room for possible solutions for depuffing.


  • Your inner critic loves her job of judging, beating you down, and keeping you full of fear. SHE WILL NOT GO QUIETLY INTO THE NIGHT!
  • Decades of self criticism and negative self talk will not be “fixed” with a few positive affirmations here and there. Commitment, consistency and repetition of your DAILY PRACTICE starts to really pay off with this one.

On a positive note:

  • Your subconscious mind accepts often-repeated thoughts, statements and commands.
  • You’ll retrain your brain to immediately catch negative, insulting self talk and reframe it in a positive way.
  • You’ll remember to think about and speak to yourself just as you would to your BFF, and as the brilliant light you are.

Daily Practice:

  1. Breathe/Meditate
    • On your own or with the 2 meditations provided
  2. Daily Pages
    Journal prompt:
    Write about ALL the things you love/like about yourself. Then write POSITIVE I AM affirmations such as: I am grateful. I am beautiful. I am worthy. I am a badass…..Write as many I AM sentences as you possibly can. **These don’t have to be true, they may be things you wish to become true.**

Know you’re loved~

This is your Mind in a Nutshell

You think, decide and operate from your Conscious Mind. It’s stored in the frontal lobe of your brain and isn’t fully developed until puberty. It’s the part of your brain where you process massive amounts of information, make choices, ruminate over the past, anticipate the future, compare, judge and worry. It’s in constant, exhausting, perpetual motion, stopping only when you sleep. IT THINKS IT’S IN CONTROL, BUT IT’S NOT.

What’s really running your show?

Your Subconscious Mind. It’s not stored in your physical brain and it’s fully developed at birth. It’s pretty much a reflection of your parents’ self limiting beliefs passed down from their parents, passed down from theirs….. You get the picture. It’s the reason you act and behave in the ways you do. The subconscious mind is mainly concerned with instincts, safety, survival, feelings, memories and emotions. And one of the coolest things ever~it doesn’t distinguish between what’s true or not true. IT’S IN CONTROL, CONSTANTLY RUNNING, and we’re not even aware of it.

Have you ever met a single person on the planet running around shouting, “I’m driven by fear! I’m going to sabotage my success on purpose! I’m addicted to suffering! I’m unworthy! Please reject me, or better yet, abandon me because I don’t want to feel loved or safe!!!!!”? Probs not, but you can bet the farm that’s exactly what’s running in their subconscious loop in some form or fashion!

You can’t change what you’re not aware of and today you start to become aware of what’s poppin in your subconscious. Today you begin to disrupt and replace self limiting, outdated belief patterns. Today you become badass enough to look this nonsensical bullshit in the eye and realize YOU are worthy. YOU are in control. YOU are running your own damn show and creating the reality you choose to live in, not your mind.

The subconscious mind is like a tape player. Until you change the tape, it will not change~Bruce Lipton

How in the hell do you do that??????

You are, with Daily Practice!

AND, you have to be willing to wrap your head around this mind bender~feeling transcends the ideas of intellectual thought. Meaning your conscious thoughts are actually borne of your subconscious feelings.

Becoming aware of how you feel in your body is one of the fastest ways to start reconnecting with your higher self and access what’s really going on for you.

The audio for the next few days is a super simple body scan. Practice as much as you can, you’re doing great!

Daily Practice:

  • Breathe/Meditate
    • Body Scan
  • Daily Pages
    • Take 5 cleansing breaths
    • Journal Prompt: What is your first, earliest memory? Dig deep and write as much detail as you possibly can: what do you see, feel, hear, taste and smell? What are your current thoughts around that memory. (Remember~no censoring/editing)

Know you’re loved~

For the Science Nerd in all of us!

Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to adapt, change and create new neural pathways based on new experiences~meaning your brain has the ability to change over time when practicing new skills.

It’s fascinating and makes personal growth and development possible on a very simple level. Knowing that change is possible, you’re able to focus on ways in which you’d like to grow instead of wondering whether or not you can.

More and more studies are proving meditation-produced changes over time in the brain’s gray matter. And thankfully, mindfulness practices have become mainstream.

Daily practices help you quiet your Monkey Mind and decrease its activation~randomly swinging from thought to thought, keeping you fixated on your past or anxious about your future, instead of practicing being present in the moment.

With commitment, consistency and repetition of your daily practice, you’ll stimulate your brain in new/unfamiliar activities. This triggers connections between neurons, resulting in growth, change and:

  • increased grey matter and thickness
  • ability to focus on tasks and switch more efficiently between them
  • higher executive functioning such as planning and problem solving
    • becoming more responsive and less reactive
  • learning more easily and remembering what you’ve learned
  • decreased amygdala size
    • Studies have shown that the amygdala, known as our brain’s “fight or flight” center and the seat of our fearful and anxious emotions, decreases in brain cell volume after mindfulness practice

Isn’t it cool to know you’re playing an active role in rewiring your own brain?!?!?

Daily Practice:

  • Daily Pages
    • Journal Prompt ~take 5 cleansing breaths and with as much detail as possible and (NO CENSORING or EDITING!!!!): What are some changes you’re thinking about/ready to make this year? New skills you’d like to learn? Visualize then write about it without limitations, ANYTHING is possible!
  • Practice breathing/meditation for 5 or more minutes

Know you are loved~

Breathing and Meditation

Heavily Meditated

The you that goes in one side of the meditation experience is not the same you that comes out the other side. – Bhante Henepola Gunaratana

Meditation is the practice of moving beyond your conscious mind, into a greater state of relaxation and connection to your higher self. You may resist it because you don’t see the value in it, can’t get yourself to sit still, or anytime you’ve tried it~you’re not sure you’re “doing it right”.

Trust and have faith that you are doing it right. Know in your bones that an ounce of practice is worth a TON of theory!!! In practicing and learning how to weave it into your day to day life, you’re quite literally bringing the sacred to the mundane.

Visualization Meditation, is another great tool in the tool belt. It helps achieve two different goals. It brings you closer to the calm & clarity you’ve been craving, and it helps you let go of subconscious, self limiting beliefs that might be keeping you stuck in a place you don’t like, or even realize, you’re stuck in.

When you do this as a Daily Practice, you’ll start to open the doors to opportunities and synchronicities that will manifest the reality you want and deserve. The right people show up in the right places with exactly what you need, precisely when you need it. Start noticing when things like this happen and they’ll happen with more frequency.

Daily Practice:

  1. Breathe/Meditate

  2. Journal
    • Describe your breathing meditation experience. How/ what did you like and/or feel? Write everything that comes up until you have ZERO left to say. Remember~no editing or censoring!

Know you are loved~

Breathing and Meditation

Breathing and Meditation made REAL simple!

First things first: Understand that meditation IS NOT emptying your mind of all thought. It’s simply learning how to sit still, breathe, be quiet, & LISTEN.

Watch this short, incredibly effective video.

It demystifies meditation & breathing, distilling it into just under 2 minutes.

It jump started my practice 3 years ago, I revisit it often and it’s perfect for where you are right now. (And Rinpoche is ADORABLE, in addition to being a “Hall of Fame” Monk and thought leader).

Daily Practice:

  • Watch Train Your Monkey Mind to start building a strong foundation for your Daily Practice.
  • Practice breathing at red lights, waiting in line & before you respond to other people,places and things.

Know you are loved!

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