Fear & Love

There are two basic motivating forces: fear and love. When we are afraid, we pull back from life. When we are in love, we open to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement, and acceptance. ~John Lennon

Here’s the difference between emotions and feelings~down ‘n dirty:

Emotions are literally ENERGY in MOTION. They produce biochemical reactions in your body and change your physical state. They’re instinctual, and helped our species survive by producing quick reactions to threat (fight/flight) or reward (rest/digest). Emotions proceed and trigger feelings. They can be objectively measured by blood flow, brain activity, facial micro expressions and body language.

Feelings are mental associations and reactions to emotions. They’re a byproduct of your brain perceiving and assigning meaning to that emotion. They’re a mental portrayal of what’s going on in your body when you experience an emotion. They’re influenced by personal experiences, beliefs and memories. Feelings can’t be precisely measured because they’re subjective and unique to you.

As with anything, you can go way down a rabbit hole here. So let’s keep it simple and understand the 2 bottom line emotions and some of the feelings associated with them:


  • Fear-based feelings have a low, slow vibrating energy, they are dense.
  • Creates limitations, a tightness, an inward pulling feeling (you shrink).
  • Acronyms:
    • False Evidence Appearing Real
    • Face Everything And Recover
    • Fuck Everything And Run~and the more you run, the deeper you fall.
  • Feelings triggered by the emotion of fear:
    • Fear (it’s a feeling and an emotion), anger, guilt, shame, doubt, unhappiness, insecurity, lack of faith, lack of self love, jealousy, judgement, competitive comparison, hopelessness, self sabotage/destruction, type A control, frustration, resentment, negativity…
  • Love-based feelings have a high, fast vibration, they are light.
  • Creates bodily sensations of openness (you expand).
  • The acronyms for love are pretty lame, so let’s stick with LOVE ALWAYS WINS.
  • Feelings triggered by the emotion of love:
    • love (it’s a feeling and an emotion), joy, faith, trust, inner strength, confidence, belief, happiness, caring, sharing, forgiveness, openness, passion, freedom, harmony, honesty, beauty, compassion, self-love, self-appreciation, respect, acceptance, peace, balance between giving and receiving, understanding, positivity…

Daily Practice:

Know you’re loved~

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