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Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to adapt, change and create new neural pathways based on new experiences~meaning your brain has the ability to change over time when practicing new skills.

It’s fascinating and makes personal growth and development possible on a very simple level. Knowing that change is possible, you’re able to focus on ways in which you’d like to grow instead of wondering whether or not you can.

More and more studies are proving meditation-produced changes over time in the brain’s gray matter. And thankfully, mindfulness practices have become mainstream.

Daily practices help you quiet your Monkey Mind and decrease its activation~randomly swinging from thought to thought, keeping you fixated on your past or anxious about your future, instead of practicing being present in the moment.

With commitment, consistency and repetition of your daily practice, you’ll stimulate your brain in new/unfamiliar activities. This triggers connections between neurons, resulting in growth, change and:

  • increased grey matter and thickness
  • ability to focus on tasks and switch more efficiently between them
  • higher executive functioning such as planning and problem solving
    • becoming more responsive and less reactive
  • learning more easily and remembering what you’ve learned
  • decreased amygdala size
    • Studies have shown that the amygdala, known as our brain’s “fight or flight” center and the seat of our fearful and anxious emotions, decreases in brain cell volume after mindfulness practice

Isn’t it cool to know you’re playing an active role in rewiring your own brain?!?!?

Daily Practice:

  • Daily Pages
    • Journal Prompt ~take 5 cleansing breaths and with as much detail as possible and (NO CENSORING or EDITING!!!!): What are some changes you’re thinking about/ready to make this year? New skills you’d like to learn? Visualize then write about it without limitations, ANYTHING is possible!
  • Practice breathing/meditation for 5 or more minutes

Know you are loved~

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