Good Vibrations

Everything, including yourself, your thoughts and anything else you may or may not want to experience, is pure energy vibrating at different frequencies. And the better you feel, the better your life becomes.

It’s important to accept, even if you don’t fully understand, that feelings and emotions have their own vibrational frequencies and they attract, or match, like frequencies. Love vibrates at the lightest, highest and fastest frequency; fear at the lowest, slowest and heaviest. And there are many in between them.

Think about this~when you’re feeling happy, peaceful and playful, the vibrations of those feelings attract more of the same. The sun shines brighter, your work feels fulfilling, and you feel more deeply connected to the ones you love. When you’re feeling pissed, frustrated or annoyed guess what happens? You attract more things to feel pissed, annoyed and frustrated by.

This is a universal law called The Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction is neutral. It doesn’t judge, punish or reward. It simply brings like energy together. It’s the Universe serving as the perfect matchmaker. You broadcast your wants and desires via your habitual thoughts, beliefs and actions, and the uni brings you a vibratory match, every time.

Take a minute to open the Feeling Vibration Chart based on David Hawkin’s Scale of consciousness and borrowed from Instructions for Happiness and Success. It’s a great visual to help you see where you’re vibrating now, what higher vibrations are available and some feelings/emotions you’ll move through on your way up the scale. You can look at this broadly, as a baseline of how you feel most of the time. And you can break it down and see it situationally.

Real life example: Baseline/broad~in 2015 I was vibrating at the lowest point on the scale, completely in fear and addicted to being a victim. I’d had spent enough time on my personal growth journey to know I was responsible for my feelings and had the ability to change them if I wanted to. I was sick and tired of feeling stuck, sick and tired. So, I started a Daily Practice. It’s now 2020 and my vibrational baseline is at the highest point on the scale. Sure, it dips now and again, but not as low and DEF not as long. Situationally~sometimes I get sucked into FakeBook and feel jealous when I compare myself to others who’re farther along than me. Or I get overwhelmed and frustrated with the business part of growing my business.

The relief comes with knowing you can change your vibration by doing things, being with people, and spending time in places that hold a higher vibration. If you’re willing to let go of what’s not working, you’ll allow these higher vibrations to help you make the shift.

Daily Practice:

  • Breathe/Meditate
  • Write Daily Pages/Journal (10 minutes)
    • Set Timer if you want to
    • Revisit your mirror work from the 2 days ago. Where do you rank yourself on the feelings vibration chart? Where would you like to be? What are some things you can let go of to get there? What are some things you can do/add to raise your vibration to a higher level? Recall some experiences where you can now see how your vibration (high or low) attracted more of the same.

Know you’re loved~

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