Isn’t that Interesting??????

“There is one quality that trumps all, evident in virtually every great entrepreneur, manager, and leader. That quality is self-awareness. Without self-awareness, you cannot understand your strengths and weakness, your “super powers” versus your “kryptonite.””~Harvard Business Review

Without a doubt your self awareness has increased since you started your Daily Practice. You’ve become better at identifying your feelings and where in your body you feel them. It’s a great skill, and one to practice as much as you can.

The moment you notice yourself feeling a certain way, name the feeling and where you feel it in your body. Ask yourself this question: Isn’t that interesting?

Then get very still and listen.

Being interested in something means you’re curious about it which means you want to know more. This question also works as a statement~That’s interesting.~ And creates room for your subconscious thoughts to answer and be heard. You then have the choice to believe those thoughts and keep them as truth because they resonate with you, or reject them because they no longer sound or feel true. It leaves you open for discovery, and it’s important to discover new things about yourself, especially when it raises your self awareness and helps you grow.

3 Daily Practice Steps:

  1. Breathe/Meditate
  2. Daily Pages
    • Set Timer and take 5 cleansing breaths
    • Write stream of consciousness style~whatever comes to mind without editing. When your monkey mind starts chattering and feelings arise, ask isn’t that interesting? Write about what comes up for you as you start to practice this.

Know you are loved!

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