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The Doctor’s Opinion

The Doctor's OpinionI have been a physician and scientist for 35 years and have practiced the scientific method throughout my career. I believe strongly in evidence-based medicine. However, I have come to understand that healing does not always mean prescribing a medication, ordering a diagnostic procedure or surgery. People’s minds are incredibly powerful influences on their bodies. Symptoms and ailments~fatigue, anxiety, depression, headaches, GI upset, unexplained pain in muscles; abdominal organs; back and joints are not always definable by a medical diagnosis. They can be symptoms of emotional imbalance that lead to an expression of somatic ailments as coping mechanisms.

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36 days ago I started another leg of my long, strange trip~Whole 30. That was my most recent restart~I really, really started years ago when I began to wake up and notice patterns in my life. Some patterns were productive and forward moving, others, not so much. I’m currently able to (mostly) live, work and play in a state of gratitude. I’m healthy and safe and so are my kids. I have a home, plenty to eat, a car and a gorgeous cat named Elleanor.
I’m simultaneously all over the place and overwhelmed with inner peace.
Conflicted at times. But happy for the most part.

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