The Doctor’s Opinion

The Doctor's OpinionI have been a physician and scientist for 35 years and have practiced the scientific method throughout my career. I believe strongly in evidence-based medicine. However, I have come to understand that healing does not always mean prescribing a medication, ordering a diagnostic procedure or surgery. People’s minds are incredibly powerful influences on their bodies. Symptoms and ailments~fatigue, anxiety, depression, headaches, GI upset, unexplained pain in muscles; abdominal organs; back and joints are not always definable by a medical diagnosis. They can be symptoms of emotional imbalance that lead to an expression of somatic ailments as coping mechanisms.

Working with Sarah and creating daily sustainable balance between mind, body, spirit and emotion can change your life and the lens through which you perceive your world. Utilizing a unique combination of therapeutic yoga, life coaching, and empathic/intuitive energy work Sarah helps clients identify the origin of symptoms, drop self-limiting beliefs and behavior patterns while fast-tracking forward movement. She facilitates the client’s mastery of  emotions rather than emotions mastering the client.

Sarah understands the intricate balance of traditional medicine and alternative healing Schedule an appointment if and only if, you are ready to make lasting, healthy changes in your life. Do not plan on superficial interaction~your experience will be profoundly life changing. You will be able to achieve harmony and deep inner peace, increasing your ability to live life on life’s terms. The patients I have referred to her are well on their way to living authentic, balanced, joyful lives.

~Dr. Michael Galambos

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